Penetown Cup 4, mapsearch announced !


Penetown Cup 4, mapsearch announced !

The Penecup is back for its 4th edition !

This year, the cup should be played during 2 weeks, probably in the summer. More precise dates will be set soon.

Mapping is now opened for everyone who want to submit a map, with the goal to have the best maps possible.

Some criterias must be respected if you want to send a map :

  • Every map must be a new one. A « recycled » map won’t be accepted if we, admins, realize it.
  • Author time must be driven between 15 seconds minimum and 20 seconds maximum.
  • Multilap blocks are strictly forbidden.
  • No possible cut should exist on each map.
  • Hexed blocks are allowed if it looks nice. Black holes and flickering textures should not be seen.
  • Your map(s) must be technical enough to give some challenge to everyone, but not too hard, so that everyone can finish it easily.

Once you finished building your map, please send it with the tag PC4 – Nameofyourmap (white is the only colour allowed in maps names) to the following address :

28 maps are needed for this cup, which means 4 per environment.
Every mapper can send 2 maps maximum.
If too many maps are good enough to be selected, admins will proceed to a vote when mapsearch will be ended.

Deadline for sending new maps is Sunday, June 7th, 23h59.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for future maps !

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